Swirly Drums

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You get brushed drums with snare stirs and flutters that are flexible and controllable, a hi-hat with six degrees of openness, and extra kit pieces like China crash, brushed darbouka, and a cajon used as a kick.

A complete and detailed brushed drum kit with thousands of samples, the most innovative and important feature you get in Swirly Drums are the snare stirs. We’ve found a way to sample stirs in a way which lets you use them at practically any tempo. This core brushed snare technique is often left out of sampled drum kits, because of its nature – using the brush to make circles on the snare head in sync with the rhythm – which means they are tempo-dependent and can’t be sampled like regular drum hits. Instead of sampling stirs being performed at a specific rhythm, we created a model of the stir technique using samples as a raw ingredient. This sounds right, allows you to set the length and tail parameters to match the feel you need, and can even be triggered from an electronic drum kit.

You also get samples of kit pieces which are very rare in brushed kits - a darbouka, djembe, bongos and cowbell (all hit with brushes), a China crash, a broken crash, a cracked splash, and a cajon being played with a kick pedal. These are all very useful sounds, and the China crash and darbouka are especially awesome. Even the "normal" kick is pretty unusual, being a 20" marching band bass drum. Another innovative feature is performance noises - kick and hi-hat pedal noises, plus the noise of the brush being picked up from the snare head.

Version 1.1 adds an instrument for the full retail version of Native Instruments Kontakt, and also features improved snare stirs, noise removed from cowbell samples, and a slightly friendlier GUI.


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